A:  Yes. As an organization that supports families in need we qualify for all levels of Zakat. Proceeds sustain our efforts in helping local clients at The Tiyya Foundation aquire school supplies, new diapers, free tutoring , play soccer, and receive a varieity of other services free of charge. To learn more please visit www.tiyya.org

Q: Can i order dinner boxes during lunch time?

A:  Yes, we are happy to deliver your box in the morning or late afternoon. However, all orders for your boxes need to take place before Ramadan since there is a high volume of interest.

Q: Can you deliver Dinner boxes outside of Orange county?

A:  Our kitchen is based in Orange County but for a minimum purchase of 10 boxes, we are happy to help accomodate. Make sure to place your order before Ramadan as we have limited time-slots for deliveries.

Q: What kitchen do you use?

A:  The Hood Kitchen! To learn more about their offerings, please visit: https://www.thehoodkitchen.com/

Q: We love what you do! do you have sponsorship opportunities and recognition levels?

A: Thank you for inquiring! Yes, you can email us at info@tiyya.org to learn more about our sponsorship opportunities and how your organization can receive advertisement & recognition as a community partner. Check back in April for more information.